Step-In to Step it Up on Climate Change

Community action to switch off the CPRS and switch on renewables in 2009

Kevin Rudd’s constituents occupy the PM’s office to save the Great Barrier Reef October 14, 2008

Outside Kevin Rudd's electorate office

Outside Kevin Rudd

Brisbane: Kevin Rudd’s Office, September 2008

Brisbane residents staged a sit-in of the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s Electoral Office in September 2008. A small group, comprised of the PM’s Griffith constituents, occupied the offi ce through the morning to highlight the consequences of the Federal government signing onto the interim emission targets recommended by the Garnaut review. They have requested a meeting with the PM as members of his electorate to discuss emission reduction scenarios after the release of the Garnaut review.

The diverse group of mums, dads, grandmothers, kids and students sat in Kevin Rudd’s office for three hours. There were no arrests, and the sit-in recieved national press coverage, highlighting the need for 2020 emission targets to stabilise dangerous climate change and to protect Australia’s natural heritage assets in perpetuity.

>> The Courier Mail: Protesters Storm the PMs Office
>> The Brisbane Times: PMs Office Targeted by Climate Protesters
>> The Brisbane Times: Activists Refuse to Leave Rudd’s Office

>> The Sunshine Coast Daily: Queensland Protesters Declare Climate Emergency

>> Also coverage in The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald and the West Australian and the Melbourne Herald Sun.

The launch was coupled with a public forum that evening in the CBD with some 50 representatives of social justice, student and environmental organisations for information sharing, cross-fertilisation and importantly to discuss principles, strategies and tactics to build upon the people’s movement for climate action in Queensland.

For video footage of the event, courtesy of QUT News, see here.


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