Step-In to Step it Up on Climate Change

Community action to switch off the CPRS and switch on renewables in 2009

Get creative! October 14, 2008

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Skits, creative stunts and costumes will help to communicate your message and keep the group entertained and active, and keep morale high. You could do these once you get inside for something to do, or outside as street theatre for the public. Some ideas for creative stunts and themes are as follows.

Disco theme:

‘Stayin’ Alive’ – We are trying to stay alive by demanding a safe climate future. Don 70’s gear, bring a disco-ball and a boom box, have a dance and look a little silly while you let your MP know you are serious about climate action.

Game show theme

Climate change is not a game but our politicians are treating it like one! Why not treat your MP like the guest on a game show?
– Deal or No Deal- the community say ‘No Deal’ to weak targets that will do nothing to secure the safe climate future that we deserve. Will your MP take the deal of 25% reductions by 2020? Or will s/he say ‘No Deal’ to this disastrous figure that locks us into dangerous climate change?
– Sale of the Century – our government is selling out the next century and all those to come by proposing such weak targets.


Fluoro vests, flashing lights and sirens, sandbags- it’s a climate emergency and your group have come to save the day by demanding real action from your MP. You could sandbag their office to protect it from rising sea levels that the governments’ targets are doing nothing to save us from.

Funeral theme

Your group could have a funeral for the Great Barrier Reef, which is guaranteed to perish under the governments’ proposed targets. Black clothing, veils, flowers and elaborate pantomime can communicate this tragedy. You could even deliver a eulogy stating what an asset the Reef was to Australia and the world- including a mention of the tourist dollars the reef brings in!

Using time

You could stay in the office, be silent, or sit down for 12 minutes (that’s how many months we have left until Copenhagen) or 350 minutes – 350 is the number of the safe up- per limit for carbon dioxide–measured in “Parts Per Million” in our atmosphere.


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