Step-In to Step it Up on Climate Change

Community action to switch off the CPRS and switch on renewables in 2009

What to do October 14, 2008

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At Kevin Rudd's office

At Kevin Rudd's electorate office

How can we step it up, and send the right message?

Firstly, we don’t want to alienate our friends and family, but we do want to send a strong enough message that will make your member “sit up and think” – they won’t want to be seen as not doing their best on climate change, so think about the best way to “step-in” to their office that will both rattle them, and gain the support of your community – you will be amazed at how supportive they will be of your protest as long as they understand why you’re doing it.


You will need:

Flyers: if you’re standing out the front of your local member’s office and passersby want to know what you’re doing, it’s great to be able to hand them some information. Make a flyer that includes your key demands, contact details, and is visually interesting and print it off. If you would like help with this, contact

A Media Release:
It’s a good idea to send out a media release so that word gets out about what you have done. Don’t send it until you know it has worked though. Sometimes it’s useful for one of your group to remain behind at home or work to send it for you. See the media sheet in this guide for useful contacts, and a media release template.

Cameras: make sure you take great photos and footage of yourselves that you can share with your networks and the media. For media quality images, make sure you get clear shots of you banner, lots of people and a bit of dynamic action.

More than one is preferable. Make them as beautiful and clear as you can, with a straightforward statement of your message (like “no new coal” or “peak carbon by 2010” or something)

A reason to be there: Think beforehand about why you are going. Have you written to and visited your member before? Do you want to deliver a letter signed by lots of people? Do you want to ask them to do something? (Like to make representations on your behalf to the Prime Minister, or pass on a letter)


A plan: There are some options over the page, but think about how and what you will do. Do you want to all go in together? Leave politely when asked? Wait for the police to arrive and be removed by them? Wait until your member promises something and then leave? Just stand out the front leafleting? It is important to be clear beforehand about the circumstances under which you will end the action and to know who is taking on what roles.


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