Step-In to Step it Up on Climate Change

Community action to switch off the CPRS and switch on renewables in 2009

Writing a media release October 14, 2008

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Template Media Release

NAME OF YOUR GROUP (if you have one)

Media Release


BANNER: Be attention grabbing. Protest… action … demand … anger …

The first line should communicate precisely what is happening and why it is worthy of news: make sure you make it sound exciting, new or different.

The next line/paragraph will fill out the details left behind: if your first line says “today 50 residents of Campbelltown are conducting a sit-in at the office of Federal member of parliament XX demand that the Federal Government step up efforts to reduce greenhouse pollution” the second line could say “The protest comes a day after the Federal Government released its policy on greenhouse pollution, which has been slammed by scientists and environmentalists as too weak and timid”

Then you can launch into quotes: Mary from Climate Action Campbelltown said, “This is an issue on which the community is not prepared to compromise …. Etc etc ”

Carry on in this vein, communicating your message and key demands.

Make sure you fit the whole thing on one page only.

Put contact details at the bottom for someone who can answer the phone and give comment on what is happening.


Example Media Release from the recent occupation by Queensland residents of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s electorate office


…. media release…. media release…. media release….

Monday 22nd September 2008
Time: 10:45 AM
Location: Kevin Rudd’s office, Morningside

Rudd’s constituents occupy the PMs office to save the Great Barrier Reef

Residents of the Griffith electorate today sat in Kevin Rudd’s office to demand that his government’s climate change policies reflect the wishes of his constituents. The peaceful citizens refused to leave the office for over 3 hours, holding signs saying “Rudd: missing in action on climate change”.

“Our farmland, our lifestyle and our Great Barrier Reef are all threatened under the emissions reductions targets suggested to the government by economist Professor Ross Garnaut. We are taking peaceful action to get the message though to our politicians that this isn’t acceptable,” says Brisbane resident, Bradley Smith.

“While coal and corporate lobby groups have a seat at the negotiating table with our prime minister, we, everyday citizens, are appalled that our politicians are planning to jeopardize national icons like the great barrier reef,” says Kristy Walters, one of the group who refused to leave Rudd’s office.

Last week Prof Ross Garnaut recommended a 5-10% greenhouse gas reduction target to the Australian government. By his own admission, these targets are based on political expedience and would be expected to lead to the destruction of the Great Barrier Reef. This scenario would also see increased droughts which would have unacceptable effects on our farmers.

“In the next 3 months the Rudd government will be deciding on our domestic climate change policy as well as our international negotiating position. It is now or never for the citizens of Australia to tell our members of parliament that we won’t stand by while our national icons are negotiated away,” says Mr Smith.

The action marks the first day of national Climate Emergency Week. Events will be taking place across the country to highlight the need for effective action on climate change. For more Brisbane activities visit

Media Spokesperson: Brad XXX. Ph 04XX XXX XXX
Media Liaison: Clare XXX. Ph 04XX XXX XXX


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