Step-In to Step it Up on Climate Change

Community action to switch off the CPRS and switch on renewables in 2009

Farmers occupy Queensland Premier Anna Bligh’s office over coal mine November 3, 2008

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Laste Friday, farmers occupied Queensland Premier Anna Bligh’s office to save Darling Downs from coal mining. 

They invited people Invite you to to “Lunch with Anna” and said:
“We’re having : A picnic made from finest Darling Downs ingredients. She’s having : A plate of coal, washed down by polluted water.”

Their Menu – There’s nothing like a coal lunch……….
Appetisers – Fresh compote of carbonated leachate a-la-Ambre.
Mine Course– Chargrilled anthracite, aged to perfection ( 400 million years), marinated in D.M.E. and topped with syngas sauce.
Dessert– Unlikely – due to colic!
It’s alimentary dear Bligh, coal is unpalatable, indigestible, and a Bligh-t on the land. Felton food is forever!

Check out their great site and media release (below)

Friday 31st October

Time : 12.30pm

Location : Anna Bligh’s office, West End, Brisbane

Farmers occupy Qld Premier’s office to save Darling Downs from coal mining

The Friends of Felton group today sat on the floor in the Premier’s office to demand the Government introduce legislation to protect prime farmland from mining. The peaceful protest involved around 25 people.

Spokesman Rob McCreath said “The mining boom is out of control. Areas such as Felton, Jimbour, and Warra are the jewels in the crown of rural Queensland. The Premier must act now to protect our food bowl from destruction.”

The group set up a mock lunch table on the pavement outside the office, with a plate of coal for the Premier’s lunch, and a glass of polluted water.

The protesters shared their own picnic lunch with onlookers – a picnic made from fresh Darling Downs ingredients.


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