Step-In to Step it Up on Climate Change

Community action to switch off the CPRS and switch on renewables in 2009

5% target is 100% pathetic, voters tell Garrett December 15, 2008

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Members of the Kingsford Smith community performed the last dance of the Great Barrier Reef at Peter Garrett’s office this morning. They are demonstrating their opposition to the 5% carbon reduction announced in Monday’s white paper. Around 30 people, some dressed up as coral and sea creatures are dancing around an over oversized papier-Mache Peter Garrett head.

Tessa Dowdell: 0424 808 639
10.30 am 16th December 2008

Midnight Oil music is playing. Demanding Garrett, and Labour, live up to their election promise to ensure a safe climate future, the protestors delivered their own science based, ‘White Paper’ to Garrett.
This action is one of a series of ‘step-ins’ organised by local climate action groups, at federal MP’s offices this week. Protests have already taken place at Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, Climate Change Minister Penny Wong and Resource Minister Martin Ferguson’s offices.
Spokesperson Tessa Dowdell said, “We are the last generation with any chance of preventing runaway climate change. The target of 5% proposed in the White Paper is unacceptable and does not represent even the bare minimum of what must be done to protect the planet.”
“The Government must commit to a policy of no compensation or free permits in the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme, especially given the fact that the fossil fuel industry already receives government subsidies to the tune of 10 billion dollars.”
After Australia’s first climate election where voters expressed their desire for strong and decisive action on climate change, emissions are still rising with no peak carbon year in sight. The Rudd Government’s commitment to compensating and providing free permits to polluting industries is gambling with the lives and ecosystems of Australia and the world.
The protesters say that Peter Garrett and the Australian Government are being put on notice; half measures on climate change are not good enough. They will continue to visit Garrett and others over the next 12 months in the lead up to the UN climate summit in Copenhagen next December. They say emissions must start to rapidly decline from 2010 – before the next Federal election.
“Peter Garrett, we cannot sleep while our planet is burning.”

For images, high resolution film footage, and further comment contact Tessa Dowdell: 0424 808 639


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