Step-In to Step it Up on Climate Change

Community action to switch off the CPRS and switch on renewables in 2009

Don’t leave it to the market; leave it in the ground! March 26, 2009

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Culture Jam of Earth Hour Poster

Culture Jam of Earth Hour Poster

Tomorrow, Friday March 27th, is the first national community actions to Switch off the CPRS and Switch On Renewables. There are so many exciting actions planned in every state and territory.

Next week we’ll be telling the NSW Minerals Council, whose financial and political has made the proposed Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme so favourable for polluters: “We won’t leave it to the market; we’ll leave coal in the ground.” If you’re in Sydney, come along!

When: Next Thursday, 2nd April, 4.30pm
Where: Rally outside 1 O’Connell St, Sydney (off Pitt St near Wynyard)
What: NSW Minerals Council seminar about so-called ‘clean’ coal
For more info, 0402 564 862 or

2009 is the most important year in our history. We have a short window of opportunity to drastically cut carbon emissions and avert dangerous climate change that will have severe consequences forever. As we speak, Australian farmers are ripping crops out of the ground due to low rainfall.  This will only worsen under climate change.

We face a climate emergency. Yet our government has failed to deliver strong action on climate change.  It has bowed to the lobbyists of polluting industries instead of securing the economy, livelihoods and futures of the people it is meant to represent.

The Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS) will hand over the right to pollute our atmosphere to the very companies that profit the most from polluting it. It sets a measly emissions reduction target and hands billions of dollars in concessions to fossil fuel industries – that can ‘offset’ their emissions overseas.

Instead of a Carbon Polluters Rewards Scam, we need immediate investment in renewable energy, which will create thousands of green jobs.  We want support for affected workers and communities in phasing out dangerous fossil fuels.

Australia is an innovative nation and well-placed to be a leader in the renewables industry. Make sure we turn the tide of climate change, and activate clean, sustainable solutions for a safe climate future. /


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