Step-In to Step it Up on Climate Change

Community action to switch off the CPRS and switch on renewables in 2009

Five percent is not enough, Hobart asks for real solutions now March 30, 2009

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Media Alert Friday, 27th March 2009

What: Concerned community members demand real climate action
When: Friday 27th of March, 12.30pm
Where: Electorate office of Duncan Kerr MP, cnr of Harrington and Collins Streets, Hobart Tasmania

Australians from across the country will unite today as part of a National Day of Climate Action, calling on the Federal Government to switch off the 5% Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS) and switch on strong emissions reduction targets, renewable energy and green jobs.

Hobart residents will gather at their Federal Labor MP Duncan Kerr’s Office to tell him that 5% is not enough and the community will not allow the Government to legislate a target that takes away their right to a safe climate.

“5% is not enough. This target is a death sentence for the planet and will seriously undermine the chance of a global agreement on climate change. Climate change is already affecting millions of people’s lives around the world today. If we do not have strong government action then all people will suffer” said Climate Action Hobart Spokesperson and Hobart resident Jess Wright.

“Even the most conservative estimates by scientists say we need emissions cuts of 25-40%. To achieve this we need to switch off the 5% CPRS and switch on real targets, renewable energy and green jobs” continued Jess Wright.

The Draft Legislation for the CPRS was released on Tuesday 10 March and has been strongly criticised for its weak 5-15% emissions reduction targets, for excluding some polluting industries and providing other big industrial polluters with free carbon pollution credits worth billions of dollars.

“The Government has chosen to give the big polluters a free ride at the stake of a safe climate for all Australians. The community demands a CPRS which will deliver real emissions cuts, a new green economy, renewable energy and above all a safe and healthy future” said Climate Action Hobart Spokesperson and Hobart resident Hannah Aulby.

“As a young Australian I am deeply concerned about my future, so on this National Day of Action I’m standing together with people from across the country to say that 5% is absolutely not enough!” concluded Hannah Aulby.

Climate Action Hobart is a newly formed group of individuals committed to creating positive government and grassroots community action on climate change. Climate Action Hobart is part of an ever growing network of grassroots climate action groups forming right across the country demanding action that secures a safe climate.

For comment, contact: Jess Wright 0428 274 280
Hannah Aulby 0427 079 729


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