Step-In to Step it Up on Climate Change

Community action to switch off the CPRS and switch on renewables in 2009

Locals occupy Albanese’s office to oppose emissions trading scheme March 26, 2009

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Climate Action Newtown – Media Release             27 March, 2009

Protesters stormed Anthony Albanese’s office in Marrickville today in opposition to the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS).

Local community members wielding banners with “Switch off the CPRS. Switch on Renewables”, rallied outside the MP’s office at 9am this morning to voice their outrage at the terms of the government’s proposed emissions trading scheme. The protests are part of a national day of action against the Scheme which proposes a dismally low emissions reduction target, rewards big polluters and will not solve the climate crisis.
The protest took place on the eve of Earth Hour when millions of Australians will turn off their lights in a show of support for strong action on climate change. “We need to do much more than turn off our lights if we are to tackle climate change. The planet is warming at an accelerating rate and if we don’t act now, we will face irreversible consequences,” said Ingrid Dernee, St Peters resident and member of Climate Action Newtown.
“The scheme takes a ‘business as usual’ approach that continues to reward big polluters like coal and aluminium. It will not shift these industries from their unsustainable practices and commits us to a continued dependence on fossil fuels. It will lock us into a trajectory for dangerous climate change with severe, irreversible impacts on human life, the economy and the planet,” continued Ingrid.

Tim Luckett, a father from Summer Hill, was worried by the short-sightedness of the government, which has chosen to listen to the powerful coal lobby while ignoring the community on the most important issue of our generation. “They simply don’t get the seriousness of the situation. We are part of a growing national community movement demanding a safe climate future for our kids.”

Climate Action Newtown along with 150 climate action groups across Australia are calling for direct Federal Government investment in renewable energy to achieve 100% renewables by 2020, a moratorium on coal and sector-by-sector just transition plans for affected workers and communities that will create green jobs.

Other climate action groups targeted Tanya Plibersek, Peter Garrett and Maxine McKew across Sydney today. Politicians can expect the pressure to build in the lead up to international negotiations in Copenhagen scheduled for December.

What: Protest opposing the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme
When: Friday 27th March, 9am
Where: Office of Anthony Albanese’s office – 334 Marrickville Rd, Marrickville
Organised by: Climate Action Newtown

For more information contact Moira Williams 0420 504 411


Don’t leave it to the market; leave it in the ground!

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Culture Jam of Earth Hour Poster

Culture Jam of Earth Hour Poster

Tomorrow, Friday March 27th, is the first national community actions to Switch off the CPRS and Switch On Renewables. There are so many exciting actions planned in every state and territory.

Next week we’ll be telling the NSW Minerals Council, whose financial and political has made the proposed Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme so favourable for polluters: “We won’t leave it to the market; we’ll leave coal in the ground.” If you’re in Sydney, come along!

When: Next Thursday, 2nd April, 4.30pm
Where: Rally outside 1 O’Connell St, Sydney (off Pitt St near Wynyard)
What: NSW Minerals Council seminar about so-called ‘clean’ coal
For more info, 0402 564 862 or

2009 is the most important year in our history. We have a short window of opportunity to drastically cut carbon emissions and avert dangerous climate change that will have severe consequences forever. As we speak, Australian farmers are ripping crops out of the ground due to low rainfall.  This will only worsen under climate change.

We face a climate emergency. Yet our government has failed to deliver strong action on climate change.  It has bowed to the lobbyists of polluting industries instead of securing the economy, livelihoods and futures of the people it is meant to represent.

The Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS) will hand over the right to pollute our atmosphere to the very companies that profit the most from polluting it. It sets a measly emissions reduction target and hands billions of dollars in concessions to fossil fuel industries – that can ‘offset’ their emissions overseas.

Instead of a Carbon Polluters Rewards Scam, we need immediate investment in renewable energy, which will create thousands of green jobs.  We want support for affected workers and communities in phasing out dangerous fossil fuels.

Australia is an innovative nation and well-placed to be a leader in the renewables industry. Make sure we turn the tide of climate change, and activate clean, sustainable solutions for a safe climate future. /


Climate Action Canberra ‘Save Earth Hour’ Rally March 25, 2009

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Save Earth Hour: Switch off the CPRS, and switch on real climate solutions

What: Rally against the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme, with music and street theatre

Who: Climate Action Canberra, Richard Denniss and others

Where: Department of Climate Change, Corner of London Circuit and Constitution Avenue

When: 8am Friday 27 March

Climate Action Canberra will rally outside the Department of Climate Change tomorrow morning with “Penny and the Polluters” fiddling while the Earth burns. This is part of a national day of action against the federal government’s Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS).

“We need an emergency response to the dire climate change situation. The latest science tells us we have ten years to make a transition to a low Carbon economy” said Cindy Eiritz, a mother and member of Climate Action Canberra.

“The current CPRS framework locks in ten years of continued polluting by the big end of town, gives them $6 billion in handouts and in the end only cuts emissions by a measly 5-15%.” She said.

A rapid transition requires a high Carbon price. The ‘cap’ on the price of Carbon at $30 a tonne will make it difficult to stimulate the growth of low Carbon technologies in Australia, when fossil fuels enjoy the benefit of still being the default option for electricity supply.

The cap on the price of Carbon has other perverse consequences, including disenfranchising the efforts of ordinary people to reduce emissions: under the CPRS, efficiency measures like Earth Hour, or the purchase of green power will simply lower the Carbon price.

Dr Peter Wood, an applied mathematician at ANU, has recommended a reform called a ‘price floor’ to moderate the worst effects of a ‘price cap’. He sees this reform as a compromise measure between a Carbon tax and a trading scheme.

Wood is concerned also about the 15% maximum reduction target jeopardising the possibility of a strong international agreement in December in Copenhagen. “This target shirks Australia’s international obligations and will make us again a pariah nation at the UN summit again” He added “Such low targets will actually decrease the likelihood of international agreement”.

Leigh Hughes, co-convenor of Climate Action Canberra, calls on all Canberrans to join in the growing movement for a just and scientifically credible solution to Climate Change. “We need to make our voices heard. The possibility of a safe climate future is within reach, but the CPRS is absolutely not good enough” he said.

Contact Cindy Eiritz: 0408 266 744

Dr Peter Wood: 0405 545 904

Leigh Hughes: 0421 283 825

Climate Action Canberra is a community-based, non partisan climate action group, connecting the latest science to a emergency policy and community response, in the leadup to the UN conference in Copenhagen December 2009. Acting as an information hub and an entry point, it facilitates peoples’ productive engagement in climate change issues in the ACT.

And a reportback from Climate Action Canberra member:

Hi everyone,

Thanks for all your work in making this morning’s rally a success. A number of people at my work saw us, and one of them who was on a passing bus said that it started a discussion involving all the passengers! The ABC has done a radio interview; and currently sitting on the front desk of the Department of Climate Change is our own ‘Letter to Staff’ outlining the reasons for our protest. The music by ‘Penny and the polluters’ and the speakers were fantastic, as were the banners and Clayton’s ‘greenhouse mafia’ act. I also think I spotted a certain Speaker of the ACT Legislative Assembly in the crowd! All in all, I think we should be quite happy with ourselves, being able to hold a quite lively rally on an issue as specific as the CPRS, at 8am on a somewhat dismal Canberra morning.

I also just wanted to pass on a text message I received after the rally from a participant. It read: “Thankyou! That was the most meaningful protest I have been to in ages!”.

So congratulations all – but of course, there is still a very long way to go and many other successes we will need before we can put on our victory hats (if there were such things as victory hats)!


Great community action in Bathurst

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Code Red! It’s an EMERGENCY!

Bathurst Community Climate Action Network (BCCAN) action to be held at Hon. Bob Debus’ Bathurst Office Friday March 27.

Bathurst Community Climate Action Network (BCCAN) members and supporters will be gathering on the doorstep of Member for Macquarie, Bob Debus, on Friday at 10.30am.
Dressed in red to signify emergency, they will hand in a letter urging him to stand up in parliament and take a stand for strong, effective measures against climate change. They will also hand out information leaflets and mock “pollution permits” to passers-by to raise awareness of the shortcomings of the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS) legislation that is now before federal parliament.

The federal government has announced a target of a five per cent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020, rising to a 15 per cent reduction if there is an international agreement at this level. The government’s vehicle for this reduction is an emissions trading scheme to be codified in the CPRS legislation.

“We are asking our local federal member to go out on a limb and tell the government that the proposed legislation actually threatens the possibility of reaching even the low five per cent target,” BCCAN President John Kellett said. “This is because of the vast concessions made to the fossil fuel lobby and other big carbon polluters. What we need instead is a higher initial target and a massive investment in renewable energy.

“The government is handing out money willy-nilly to stimulate the economy. Let’s invest in a more targeted fashion, in energy solutions for the future.”

The full text of the Open Letter to Bob Debus, Federal Member for Macquarie, will be available after 10.30am on Friday. (Bob Debus may be in Canberra on the day, in which case the letter will be handed to a staffer.) Bob Debus’ Bathurst office is at 3/217 Howick Street between George and Rankin Streets, accessed via the lane next to Goodyear.

•    Friday’s action comes the day before Earth Hour, where everyone is urged to switch off the lights for an hour from 8.30pm on Saturday night to support action on climate change. The Rahamim Ecological Learning Community, an initiative of the Sisters of Mercy, has invited people to share Earth Hour at St Joseph’s Mount, 34 Busby Street, Bathurst, on Saturday night from 8pm to 9.30pm.

FOR COMMENT CONTACT JOHN KELLET ON 6331 8917 or 0402 049 770


Step it up: 27th March 2009 March 24, 2009

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The Government is pursuing a climate change policy that will not result in swift and effective emissions reductions. We have held-hands around parliament, and now its time to take our protest directly to our elected representatives.

The Exposure Draft Legislation for the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme will be released in the coming weeks. Join communities around Australia sitting-in at their MP’s offices to demand better.

On this website, you can download a simple guide to help you plan your protest.

You can also visit Flickr and see how colourful, fun and family-friendly sit-ins can be.

If you’re on Facebook, find the March 27th events here.

There are other resources on this site to help you, and plans are already being made right around the country. Be part of history and take action to protect our children’s future.



Details of Actions – 27 March March 16, 2009

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* Office of Lindsay Tanner, Member for Melbourne, 280 King St, Melbourne at 12 noon. Info Pablo on pabs101 – at –

* Office of Kelvin Thompson, Member for Wills, 3 Munro Street, Coburg at 10am. Info Ellen on ellenmroberts – at –

* Office of Martin Ferguson, Member for Batman, 159 High Street, Preston at 8am. Info Carol on caride – at –

* Office of Jenny Macklin, Member for Jaga Jaga, 149 Burgundy Street, Heidelberg at 10am. Info Bridgit on bbattova3 – at –

* Office of Peter Costello, Member for Higgins, 1343 Malvern Road, Malvern at 10am.  Info Sue on 0411 885 126.

* Office of Nicola Roxon, Member for Gellibrand, 1 Thomas Holmes Street, Maribyrnong at 10am. Info Shaun on westsax – at –

* Office of Simon Crean, Member for Hotham, 401 Clayton Road, Clayton at 10am. Info Imogen on imogen.jackson – at –

* Office of Steve Gibbons, Member for Bendigo, Cnr Williamson and Myers St, Bendigo at 10.30am. Info Dean on dc – at –

* Office of Senator Jacinta Collins, 1013 Whitehorse Rd, Box Hill at 10.30am. Info Carol on ci – at –

* Office of Sophie Mirabella, Member for Indi, 9am, meet outside Bill Tilley’s office, 14 Stanley St, Wodonga. Info Lizette on lizettejohn – at –

* Office of Richard Marles, Member for Corio, 17A Yarra St, Geelong at 12 noon. Info Mitch on 0448 997 415, bukitmouth – at –

* Office of Michael Danby, Member for Melbourne Ports, 117 Fitzroy St, St.Kilda West at 12 noon. Info David on david.robinson – at –

* Office of Andrew Robb, Member for Goldstein, 368 Centre Road, Bentleigh at 10am. Info Coni 9598 3272.

* Local residents meeting with Jason Wood, Member for La Trobe.


*4pm-5.30pm Commonwealth Parliamentary Offices, 100 King William St, Adelaide. Info Gemma on gemma.weedall – at –


*8am Federal Department of Climate Change, 2 Constitution Ave, Canberra. Info Leigh on 0421 282 825.


* Anthony Albanese, Member for Grayndler – 9am, 334a Marrickville Rd , Marrickville NSW 2204. Contact Climate Action Newtown: Moira 0420 504 411.

* Maxine McKew, Member for Bennelong – 10am, 230 Victoria Rd , Gladesville NSW 2111. Contact Ryde Gladesville Climate Action Group: info – at –

* Bob Debus, Member for Macquarie – 10am, 98 Bathurst St , Katoomba NSW 2780. Contact Katoomba Area Climate Action Network: 0400 302 279.

AND 10.30am, 3/217 Howick St , Bathurst NSW 2795. Contact Bathurst Community Climate Action Network: judygreg.walker – at –

* Peter Garrett, Member for Kingsford Smith: 11am, Level 6, 806-812 Anzac Pde, Maroubra NSW 2035. Contact scarlet.wilcock – at –

* Julie Owens, Member for Parramatta – 12 noon, Suite 8 , The Octagon, 110 George St, Parramatta NSW 2150. Contact Parramatta Climate Action Network: 0425 265 169.

* Tanya Plibersek, Member for Sydney – 12 noon, 422 Crown St , Surry Hills NSW 2010. Contact Climate Change Balmain-Rozelle: ccbrmail – at –

* Labor Party Headquarters – 3pm, 377 Sussex St Sydney NSW 2000. Contact Friends of the Earth Sydney: 0402 564 862.

* Senator Forshaw – 4pm, Suite 2, Level 1, 33-35 Belmont St Sutherland NSW 2232 (opp. the library) – a peaceful protest, a bit of theatre, deliver a letter to Senator Forshaw. Contact Sutherland Climate Action Network: jon – at –

* Sharon Bird, Member for Cunningham – Shop 501, Globe Lane, Wollongong NSW. Organised by Wollongong Climate Action Network, UoW Environment Collective.  March 27th, 1-2pm.  Phone: 0425329963.  Email:

* Greg Combet, Member for Charlton and Parliamentary Secretary for Climate Change – 8.30am, 324 Main Road, Cardiff, following a footpath march from Cardiff Station from about 8.15 am (Newcastle train arrives 8.12am). Organised by Climate Action Newcastle (CAN), Lake Macquarie Climate Action (LMCA) and Rising Tide. Contact Zoe 0425 316 496 or zoetiarerogers – at –

* Sharon Grierson, Member for Newcastle – 10am, 427 Hunter St, Newcastle. Organised by members of the Newcastle University Student Association. Contact simon.cunich – at –


* Office of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, Member for Griffith, 630 Wynnum Road, Morningside at 1pm. Info Dominic on dominicale – at – or 0436 638 772.


* Office of Stephen Smith, Member for Perth, 953A Beaufort St, Inglewood at 8.30am. Phone 0417 319 662 or 08 9339 0803 for more details. See the website or email info – at –


* Office of Duncan Kerr, Member for Denison, Cnr Harrington and Collins St, Hobart at 12.30pm.  Info climateactionhobart – at – or call 0428 274 280. 


* Office of Damian Hale, Member for Solomon, 30 The Smith Street Mall, Darwin. Info Justin on

* Office of Warren Snowdon, Member for Lingiari, Unit 3, 12 Gregory Tce, Alice Springs at 1pm. Info Ruth on ruthapelt – at – 2:30pm meeting with Warren Snowdon, info Mandy on iainandmandy – at –


Stepping it up in Melbourne December 22, 2008

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Enter this post to see and read about terrific protests in Melbourne.